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    Stars - “No One Is Lost”

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  3. unimpressed2chainz:

    i mean i listen to the national, but they are the musical equivalent of crushing up an ambien and putting it into your glass of wine 

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    Natalia Kills | Kill My Boyfriend

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    when we die
    we will die with our arms unbound
    and this is why
    this is why we fight

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  7. havingbeenbreathedout:

    I think I got to this video via someone on my dash; I can’t find their post now, but I just had to have Alan Cumming hamming it up to “Mein Herr” on my blog. As one does. Etc.

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    Björk - Bachelorette

    I’m a fountain of blood
    In the shape of a girl
    You’re the bird on the brim
    Hypnotised by the whirl

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    All this weight is honest worse.

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    Phantom Planet || California