1. In the books Renly and Loras being gay lovers was only alluded to, and known only by a handful of people. On the show, everyone in the Seven Kingdoms and their horse knows this, and spew an endless barrage of lowbrow gay jokes that I would’ve found beneath me as a teen.

    I don’t get why Joffrey would openly insult Renly this way in front of the Tyrells, as it would remind ecerone of their duplicity. Then again, it was never established on the show, that when Renly’s armor appeared in the Battle of Blackwater, people thought it was his ghost, and Lannister/Tyrell propaganda spread the legend that his ghost had come to absolve his sin of treason by defending his King Joffrey at his most perilous hour from his murderous brother Stannis.

    Lastly, they introduce a bisexual character and of course they have him making eyes with the only established gay character. Sigh. As a guy who likes guys, this pandering featuring one token gay love scene per season needs to stop. Not as bad last season where they had Loras who had just lost his lifelong best friend and lover instantly jump into bed with the first boy who sets off his gaydar and spill all his secrets to.

    I’m fine with and even prefer most liberties taken with the source material. I just wish they would have Loras as a despondent man, who had lost the love of the life, who took the first chance he got to join the Kingsguard, and who distrusts the Martells because the Dornish are the historical enemies of The Reach especially Prince Oberyn who crippled his brother Wyllas. I don’t like this stereotypical gay man we’re presented with, who is sexually promiscuous and indiscriminate and vain.

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    On the show, Ser Loras is valued primarily as a romantic partner — first to Renly Baratheon, the man who would be king, then to Cersei Lannister, the woman who’s doing just fine as queen without him, thank you very much. The books, however, leave little doubt that he’s also perhaps the single most skilled swordfighter in the Seven Kingdoms. Hopefully that side of the Knight of Flowers will be allowed to blossom soon. (x)

     Rolling Stone Magazine calls shenanigans on the show.

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Me participating in a group project.

HBO adapting A Song of Ice and Fire.



    Me participating in a group project.

    HBO adapting A Song of Ice and Fire.

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Fuck the king

    Fuck the king

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    ourlightsinvain replied to your post “ourlightsinvain replied to your post “worst single sentences i have…”

    i kinda liked rtd’s nine ep with rose and the last dalek but iirc nine came off like a screaming homicidal asshole like more so than he was intended to (i think he was intended to be just being kind of a dick); it was sad. rtd’s run had its moments

    i really adore rtd, in my mind the quality is easily equal to a lot of the best of ds9. a lot of the plots are based around looking at what previous seasons or incarnations of the show did, and trying to apply that in a more practical universe, without turning to meaningless grittiness and the darkness-without-depth that’s become so much more common with trope subversion as of late.

    which is to say, yes, i agree. i think rtd deals with the spectre of genocide really well, honestly, which is an odd compliment to lob at someone, but there you go. if one must write it — and it’s such a part of scifi that it’s hard to avoid because races and planets exist on such a weirdly small scale — rtd does a very good job making us understand that its inherently evil, and still letting the doctor suggest it because flaws! what a novel concept in a protagonist.

    same here — i think rtd’s seasons had a lot more substance than polish, and did some experimentation with characterization and character arcs that didn’t always work OUT, but also weren’t tied to a risk-free by-the-numbers tv formula the way that i think hbo shows (for an example) are increasingly going.  (and yeah, i think despite the increasing attempts to be Edgy in a shallow way, hbo is getting more and more risk-averse in what it puts onscreen; i think wider audience = more ambition to $$$ = more formula, unfortunately)  moffat’s arc storytelling, among many other things, is both bizarrely over-the-top and transparently trying to hit a bunch of screenwriting outline points without any actual content, but is too wanky to even manage the formula.  ’formulaic’ would actually be an improvement with moffat.

    with rtd, dw was almost always cheesy, sometimes bad, often good, sometimes surprisingly heartfelt, and not generally soulless; i miss that.  i didn’t always agree with what rtd had to say via who or think he said it very well but, umm, at least he was saying things.  it was the kind of thing that was rough around the edges but stuck with you rather than superficially shiny and totally hollow.

    (joss whedon — as a total tangent — i feel like is capable of both?  in the sense that early whedon fucked up a lot but also did some heartfelt things but later whedon has gotten more and more soulless, pandery, and buying-into-own-mythology.  or in other words he’s undergone this analogous rtd-to-moffat disheartening transformation imo.  but i am a firefly hater, so.)

    yeah i would never say rtd was without flaw, but to go back to my ds9 analogy, ds9 has some stinkers too, and some of their episodes enrage me. but both of them are willing to take similar risks, and write about issues in a heartfelt manner. i don;t really mind ‘cheesy’, nor do i think it’s necessarily even a bad thing. as far as i’m concerned, camp is one of the best things for scifi. it keeps you grounded. then again, i grew up on tos as my go-to for quality scifi. that shit is cheesy as hell, both in terms of set design and emotional cheese. if you’re telegraphing emotions too strongly and obviously, they’re still emotions, and hopefully they’re there for a good reason, and that’s what matters to me. and i think with rtd, for most of the time, the emotions made sense.

    which leads to my problems with moffat quite handily! it’s totally empty, but god does it look good, and with such gravitas! i’d take cheese over it any day.

    nah i never got why people are still burning candles over firefly. i watched a few eps and ended up totally bored and underwhelmed. i’ve not watched more than a handfull of buffy/angel, so i can’t say anything definitive — and, uh, i never found either of those really gripping, either — but i can definitely see how one would become lazy and overconfident after being held up as god’s gift to writing, comedy, feminism, sf/f, television, and female characters for a decade.

    i think buying into your own fame and mythology is the downfall of a lot of writers who get popular during their run, tbh. i definitely agree it’s whats happened with hbo. they used to be very competent and thoughtful, but increasingly their shows follow a weird formula. gritty (male, white) morally grey protagonist, his dumb wife, the (male, white) kid character who wants in on his fortune and power. even when it doesn’t fit that formula narratively, it still shoves really unnecessary and simplistic tropes in under the veneer of grit and depth— its showing you how things REALLY are, man! conveniently, how things REALLY are, man, challenges no one and involves a great deal of violence and nudity that serves no purpose beyond showing you wow, violence and nudity. they’re adult enough to put it on film, but not mature enough to know when is appropriate. apprpriate here doesn’t mean tasteful, it means it serves a fucking purpose beyond reminding the viewer that they’re still watching hbo.

    agree with all of that, including the bit about camp - i think the thing about campiness is it takes a certain amount of heartfelt fun-having and not taking yourself too seriously and being willing to be made fun of, like, you can see what happens when creators try purposely to capitalize on fake camp — it ends up with kind of cutesy diluted weaksauce nerd-fanservice while still attempting to be shiny and Cool.  campiness in media is all about knowing you aren’t cool and not really caring, not aspiring to or capitalizing on coolness.  nerd-chic is like, the worst thing to happen to science fiction.  i’m not saying it sucked when it Became Mainstream - popularity and accessibility aren’t intrinsically bad, but aspirations to social cachet frequently totally sink genre media imo.

    (game of thrones is another good example of something that originated as a story that was fucked-up in several not-good ways, overwrought, convoluted, and ridiculous, underwent polishing for cool factor, and emerged totally charmless and calculated.  Fantasy’s Not Just For Nerds Anymore!  far be it from me to defend the “niche” incarnation of sci-fi nerd culture - creepy, insular, misogynistic, and worshipful of terrible shit as it was and continues to be - but christ, the cool geek-chic bro-nerd target audience for got may be even worse.)

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    ourlightsinvain replied to your post “ourlightsinvain replied to your post: “ourlightsinvain replied to your…”

    as a little lion man myself i think they’re pretty terrible at the lannisters too but WOW i was unhappy with tv ned because i really adore book ned in all his mildness and restraint and tv ned was so… designated hero dude. : it’s hard to explain

    No that’s precisely it and enough if you know then you know. TV!Ned is such a Big Damn Hero like lol gmab I will never get over the conversation where Barristan fucking Selmy is fawning over his War Feats and omg I LEARNED TO DIE A LONG TIME AGO JESUS HBO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK I guess we can’t have enough balls to show a grown hero man being vulnerable and afraid he must be Strong But Without Bravado Because Bravado Ruins The Illusion or someshit and did you know the original script that was leaked described Ned as a man who spent half his life fighting wars um no he was in two wars yes that’s a lot but like NOWHERE in ASOIAF does GRRM give the impression that Ned is a superlative soldier just no and sorry Cersei’s line “You’re just a soldier aren’t you?” I get that its supposed to show that Ned is not in his element but that’s not because he is Simple Stoic Badass Soldier Man it’s because he’s a homebody with an office job he is not the guy who should be pulling out his dick to see if it’s bigger than Jaime Lannister’s I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS I HATE TV!NED I HATE HIM I HATE THAT HE HAS BECOME FANDOM’S IMAGE OF NED SEEMINGLY FOR GOOD IT IS LIKE EVERYTHING I DO NOT WANT TO HAPPEN TO A MALE CHARACTER I ACTUALLY KIND OF LIKED it is sooooooooooooo typical.

    Curious abt Lannister thoughts? I mean I don’t think they’re totally accurate to the book but I definitely think B&W like them better because scheming is sexier.

    the thing is they want to make a sexy trashy epic full of sexy people doing bad bad things in hot bad romance — out of a messy, convoluted book series about a lot of losers with unremarkable qualities and very particular family dynamics.

    you don’t get the sense with tv ned that ned stark is a second son, even though that’s like the purest distillation of ned’s character concept—ned IS a homebody with an office job, and also a dude who is eternally surprised he finds himself in remarkable situations, not because he’s a stoic manly ideal who isn’t what gotham deserves or whatever but because he hasn’t naturally got it in his temperament or even his life plans - he’s a second son.  he’s a #2.  he always thought he’d be somebody’s Sensible Friend - whether to brandon or to robert.  circumstances however leave him holding the bag when others are dead (brandon) or morally bankrupt (robert) - his story is really freaking sad because he’s just trying to do right by people, not because he has some kind of… i don’t fucking know, 2000s-era russell crowe man hero downfall

    and yes book ned’s reaction to jaime is more on the level of… decent/mild-mannered person discomfort and aversion to a snide, cruel bully mixed with baggage over the iron throne incident when they were kids in the war of the usurper, sort of a natural result of the collision of a person like ned and a person like jaime - but game of thrones tv plays it as a really forgettable dick-swinging drama! moment every time, so many character interactions on got are boiled into interactions we’ve seen in pretty much every costume drama — in this case Manry Subdued Hero Man Vs. Flashy Antihero Man.

    basically tv ned is indistinguishable from [generic 2000s-era russell crowe/gerard butler costume sword hero] and it really kills the emotional punch in his character death :\

    (and of course they’re total rubbish at jaime too, given that if i’d summarize ned as ned stark is a second son i’d encapsulate jaime in jaime lannister is a coward - but i loaaaathe the bowdlerization of tv jaime in general too - which i think is tied up in rolling HIM up into a different man-antihero archetype)

    (suffice to say this ned and jaime bungling intersects the worst in the scene after tyrion’s abduction where jaime accosts ned and his men.  books: kind of horrifying scene where cruel person takes out his futile anger on mild person just trying to damage control a terrible situation and kills jory right in front of him just to humiliate him - just cringeily humiliating and horrible.  tv: MANRY HONOR CONFRONTATION, + dickswinging ned and tortured byronic jaime)

    (but since jaime is my favorite character my tv jaime rants could go on for PAGES)

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    I fixed the trailer so that it now includes Brienne. You’re welcome.

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    i try to think of the game of thrones show as more raw material for asoiaf gifsets than actual tv 

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  10. In a world of locked rooms, a man with a key is king. And honey, you should see me in a crown…
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