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    “All my life men like you have sneered at me. And all my life I’ve been knocking men like you into the dust.” - Brienne of Tarth

    yes.  Oh yes.

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    house sterk

    tv adaptation also missed out on the opportunity to have lots of close-pan shots of haphazardly spelled public documents. remember when in early watch books it was all “Whye isse Vetinarie hytting ypon me?” in vimes’ investigation notebooks? these are the JOYS of medieval fantasy, and d&d did not exploit them.


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    “Brienne, I have taken many wellborn ladies into my service over the years, but never one like you. I am no battle commander.” - A Clash of Kings.
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    george is done with everyone’s shit 

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  6. I hesitated about making this, but in the end was nudged by this video. Hopefully, someone will like it.

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  8. if the actual book quotes were in the show.

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    Family, Duty, Side Eye

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  10. In the books Renly and Loras being gay lovers was only alluded to, and known only by a handful of people. On the show, everyone in the Seven Kingdoms and their horse knows this, and spew an endless barrage of lowbrow gay jokes that I would’ve found beneath me as a teen.

    I don’t get why Joffrey would openly insult Renly this way in front of the Tyrells, as it would remind ecerone of their duplicity. Then again, it was never established on the show, that when Renly’s armor appeared in the Battle of Blackwater, people thought it was his ghost, and Lannister/Tyrell propaganda spread the legend that his ghost had come to absolve his sin of treason by defending his King Joffrey at his most perilous hour from his murderous brother Stannis.

    Lastly, they introduce a bisexual character and of course they have him making eyes with the only established gay character. Sigh. As a guy who likes guys, this pandering featuring one token gay love scene per season needs to stop. Not as bad last season where they had Loras who had just lost his lifelong best friend and lover instantly jump into bed with the first boy who sets off his gaydar and spill all his secrets to.

    I’m fine with and even prefer most liberties taken with the source material. I just wish they would have Loras as a despondent man, who had lost the love of the life, who took the first chance he got to join the Kingsguard, and who distrusts the Martells because the Dornish are the historical enemies of The Reach especially Prince Oberyn who crippled his brother Wyllas. I don’t like this stereotypical gay man we’re presented with, who is sexually promiscuous and indiscriminate and vain.

    — Grim Griefer (x)

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