1. about

    gabe, 23, nyc, too tsundere to live too yandere to die.  i like cats and mario party and the age of sail and cowards and monsters and bad ends and hello kitty.  in my free time i botch gf cooking experiments and deal with my cat infestation

    i do software manuals and marketing copy in the big bedbug apple, but i’m looking for a more interesting job and less pestilent city in the nearish future.

    right now i’m really into completely fucked monster children.  i post a bunch of #reibert, #levihan, and #yumikuri.  sometimes i write sketchy #meta and intermittent #fic.  i really like the bertl, almost as much as i like it when horrible misfortunes befall the bertl.  though at the moment i’m working on a comic called sub rosa with my artist buddy artcrystals in which horrible misfortunes instead befall hanji and erwin, because variety is important

    some other fandoms:

    fallen london
    a song of ice and fire / game of thrones (#brienne of tarth!!!)
    les miserables / that miserable movie
    dramatical murder (#clear!)
    jonathan strange and mr norrell
    the lord of the rings
    fullmetal alchemist

    other webcomics i read:

    family man
    the less than epic adventures of tj and amal
    a softer world
    questionable content

    ao3: (yuletide pseud) (snk pseud)

    my tag and tw policy: i tag compulsively for organization.  my ask/replies tag is #ask mr owl.  i try to also tag #nsfw and triggers like #dubcon or #noncon or #gore on fanart, as well as irl stuff like #rape, #sexual assault, #eating disorders, #suicide, and such.  however i don’t always remember or think of stuff so please feel free to ask for another tag if i don’t have it.  also please do follow/unfollow at will for whatever reason, guilt free.